Monday Marquee: It Is Little Early In The Week, But Freddie, Tiger And JT All Sending Roars Around Augusta

On Monday, it was just shy of 3 p.m. afternoon, this was the time the featured of day grouping headed to the 1st tee. However, the fans that were thinking heading for the exits, worn out after hours in the sun, reconsidered as Justin Thomas, Fred Couples, and Tiger Woods moved from the range to the course.

For past few years now, Augusta National itself has been the point of attraction at the Masters, and on Monday it happened. Fans came there were amazed to check out the mostly-empty property all morning. It was a kind of national park, but with more craft beer and pastel clothes.

But  Tiger Woods, the legendary player who came here after a long gap overpowers even the brightest golf course, and timeless fan favorite Fred Couples and fan Frenemy Justin Thomas accompanied him for an afternoon nine, three days before the  first major of the year.

The day’s first roar was also its loudest; Woods hit his approach shot over the back of the par-5 2nd hole which was followed by an oh-so-delicate chip that after falling from the front edge of the cup, dropped back down the slope sending the assembled masses into frenzy.

On this short one of the Fan of Tiger Wood shouted from the clubhouse “Oh,” That’s where Tiger’s group is.”

The pairing of the golfers was an easygoing one and also matching a lot! Thomas wore a pale pink shirt, and the Couples had a salmon number. On the other hand Woods was wearing hot pink; the three of them were looking to hit the ball the best and making the fans jumping from their seats in the excitement.