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Golf Spikes Of Bubba Watson

Have you taken a look at the golf spikes that Bubba Watson would be flaunting at the Olympics this week?

The spikes definitely look patriotic as they come with blue, white and red design similar to the US flag pattern. That would be seen on his feet in Rio de Janeiro. The golf team from US in the Olympics is being sponsored by Adidas. The play begins next week for the team. The GFore spikes are definitely an exclusive possession of Bubba that he would be flaunting at the Olympics.

Watson has been one of the proponents of the golf game coming back to the Olympics. Hence it should come as no surprise that he would be part of the American team. He states that there is no threat of the Zika virus for him and his wife as they cannot have kids. They would be there to check out the competitors. He stated that golf had not figured before in Olympics as he had grown up seeing other games being played at the Olympics. It would definitely be a new experience when golf would be played this time at the Games.

He remembers that he used to see different games that were played at the Games and would wonder which game he would play when he grew up, baseball, basketball or ice skating. However, the thought of playing golf and going to the Games had not occurred to him. He feels that even as a towel boy he would want to go to the Games. The enthusiasm that Bubba has for the Games is apparent in the spikes that he has chosen to flaunt. He states that his wife had missed out on her opportunity to be part of the Olympics and hence, she was sure to come along if he made the team.