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Bubba Watson – Professional Player from USA

Bubba Watson is a professional golfer from the United States of America, who is currently a member of the US PGA Tour. Among the few golfers on Tour who are left-handed, he is a multiple time winner of major titles, having secured two major titles in his career, with both of those wins coming in the Masters Tournament, the first one in 2012 and the second in 2014.

2014 was the best year for the 36 year old as he reached a career high ranking of third in the Official Golf World Rankings on the back of his brilliant displays at the Masters Tournament.

Watson is among the longest drivers in the sport at the moment, having registered an average drive of 31502 yards (288.2 m) and he is capable of hitting the ball over a distance of a whopping 350 yards (320 m) generating speeds in the region of 194 mile per hour or 312 kilometres per hour. (more…)

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Jim Furyk’s Bad Record Worries Americans

Jim Furyk has always been a constant contender in the golf world as he has always stayed almost on top of the leader board in tours or other big golf events. The only disappointment is that he has won a tour in the past four years even though he has been so constant. He deserves to win. At many PGA Championships, WGC events and U.s Opens he has had a very probable chance at winning but he always misses a few shots on the Sunday. Now he has this reputation following him.

The title became apt for him when he lost his Sunday match against Sergio Garcia at the Ryder Cup of 2012. He lost as he missed a putt on the 18th green and that too from a very manageable length. This loss paved the way for the legendary comeback of Europe in Ryder Cup.

Although the year of 2014 is the most decorated year for Furyk it remains a question about how much we can expect from him. Even after knowing the fact that other than Rickie Fowler, he is probably the best player the team has today with his 4th rank in America, there is still a doubt lurking somewhere that there is surely something that will go wrong at the greens. Although Furyk understands what is needed to win the Cup, he lacks in the execution. America has lost seven matches out of nine in the Ryder cup because of his bad execution skills although he has the best understanding of the game and the Cup itself.

The horrifying record of Jim in Fourball is now a matter of apprehension for the U.S. With Furyk being teamed up with Patrick Reed, all the Americans can only be hopeful that this time in the underdog weekend he comes out victorious.