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Bubba Reacts To “Unpopular” Poll Result

Akin to too many Augusta National putts, Bubba Watson seems really tough to read.

According to general public, the golfer is a gentle long-hitting goofball, some good old boy coming up with homemade swing & someone who even cry up when anybody asks him about his beloved adopted kids.

However, a lot of Bubba’s peers, his fellow pros playing at PGA Tour take him as disingenuous. In fact, a recent poll survey has found out that Watson is one peer whom none of the golfers would be coming to help in case he is involved in some parking lot brawl.

Interestingly, Bubba’s reaction was far from what was expected.

“I take that with pride”, remarked the golfer while he was informed about his unpopularity among the peers as per the poll result.

“I am taking it as I have to improve myself as a human. If it is something bad & people do not like me, I have to improve myself to prove that they were wrong.”

A lot of other players would have said that they actually do not care about the result or that they have not seen that. But Watson, as always, is different from the rest. He is looking forward to join Nicklaus as only golfers to triumph at 3 Masters in 4 years.

What is most surprising is that the golfer admitted that he himself named him in that poll!

“I won’t call anyone else”, he continued. “There is no one whom I do not like here on Tour. I would dislike when anyone would beat me yet I do not dislike anybody as a human being…I have never ever got into any brawl in my entire life, thus if I get into a brawl that would be something faulty on my part. It would be because I caused someone to get offended. Hence I would not help myself as well.”