25 thoughts on “Ballesteros lifetime achievement award 2009

  1. Not just an incredible golfer but an incredible man filled with humility,
    passion and class. “Great men are not born great, they grow great . . .” 

  2. Forget sitting down and eating at the man’s table-my Dad (he had the honour
    of watching Seve play and says “In a lifetime of playing/watching golf, by
    far the moment I’ll treasure most” ) Tiger couldn’t and never WILL carry El
    Matador’s golf bags… Seve; Your game, that wonderful smile, that will of
    iron which made the *impossible* possible-that’s how I will remember you
    best. Rest in peace, for you have shown the courage of a champion and have
    earned your place amongst the angels.

  3. My all time sporting hero, fantastic guy. Loved everything about him. There
    will never be another anything like him.

  4. Stunning on the course. Magnificent as he recoverrs from his brain tumor.
    Seve you are our hero! you grace us with your courage and your great heart.

  5. We may have lost a brilliant golfer today but the legend that is Severiano
    Ballesteros has been born. God bless you Seve and may you RIP.

  6. While the audience is welcoming him with a well deserved applause, one can
    listen to his comment to Olazábal just before the applause comes to an end:
    “increíble la peña que hay, ¿eh?” (such an incredible amount of people,
    ain’t it?) Now that is a GENTLEMAN OF GOLF, FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS! ¡Nos
    vemos “luego” Seve! ¡¡¡¡¡GRACIAS!!!!

  7. I think that in Heaven, on a golf course so spectacular that we can’t even
    imagine it, Seve Ballesteros has just made the turn after nine holes,
    paired with Payne Stewart. Even God is marvelling at Seve’s skills.

  8. Im not a golf fan, but when watching this live, I was moved seeing everyone
    standing and applauding, watching the montage before his award I could see
    Seve played with a smile in his face. Congrats!

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